#52 – Sleeping On The Job, Life At Fire Camp

Scenes from Fire Camps

Living and sleeping at large wildfires can be challenging. This year with the Covid virus it’s even more challenging. But this week’s story is about sleeping in a busy fire camp. I’ve also included a few pictures from a fire camp for those of you who might not have ever had the pleasure of living in the dirt and dust for weeks on end. The pictures will illustrate just how amazing the folks who work in the Logistics Section are. The firefighters get all the kudos but to all the folks working back in camp in Logistics, Finance and Planning, my hat is off to you.

The following photos show firefighters during their morning briefing, the kitchen units, showers, sleeping trailers and tents, the office area, etc. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this peek into the life of firefighters at a large wildfire.

Episode 52, Sleeping On The Job – Life in Fire Camp, BobbieOnFire.com, August 14, 2020

9 thoughts on “#52 – Sleeping On The Job, Life At Fire Camp

  1. Bobbie – Have so enjoyed your fire tales. Also must note many are so similar to my late husband’s stories that it is almost like you two were in the same places at the same times (Something I know didn’t happen.) The Fire Camp episodes are special because Clay shifted from line work to support time and time again – with less line/more support as he aged – same but different. I would like to send you copies of his books if you have an interest. Just send an address – Judy Dickerson (e.g. no cost/gift)

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    1. I would love that Judith. I’m on the road but when I get back to the boat I will send you my address. I love that you recognize those same themes through the stories. We all have those stories. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.


    2. Judith, I just looked and realized the last email I sent you didn’t go through. to answer your question I would love a copy of your husband’s book. I know we’ve walked the same trails even if it was a few years apart. there might have even been some overlap in there. That’s very generous of you to gift me his story. When I eventually get my book out I will reciprocate with a copy of mine. I’m only into talking stages right now though. In the meantime I hope you take some comfort and hearing my stories and thinking about your husband in wonderfully fond ways.
      Bobbie Scopa


  2. Another great episode, Bobbie. I was laughing at the visual of walking to your tent late at night and losing your own in a sea of new tents set up! Been there for sure. And the deafening sound of the tent zippers! SO LOUD! And of course the homocidal feelings I have for porta-john door slammers. Good stuff.


  3. Yellow pine Idaho, dvs on this fire and base camp was about a 100 mile drive. Was heading back after a long day when I was stopped by the fire that had jumped the road. There really was no ther way back so I went to a spike camp, found logistics and inquired if there was a spare tent sleepong bag ( mine were back at base camp.) No, but john or.joe or whoever was gone for a couple of days so take his area. Crawled into his tent and got much needed sleep.
    Since I worked night ops so often, finding good sleeping quarters was often times difficult. Never had sleeping trailers


  4. Just found your blog and enjoy it very much.
    That picture of the sea of tents is at Cle Elum, 2012. My tent is in that group. I too returned at dark and tried to find my tent.
    The support from that community was amazing and I worked with some fine folks. The Taylor Bridge Fire will always be one of my favorite deployments.


    1. Thanks for listening Jim. Earlier in my career I had been the FMO in Cle Elum. Wonderful place. I appreciate hearing your piece of the story. Hope you keep listening and enjoy the rest of the stories.


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