#59 – What Does Leadership Look Like?

I believe there have been 240 trillion books written about leadership. (that’s an exaggeration) I’ve read a lot of them and thought half of them might have actually been useful. But after working in the fire service for over 40 years, I think I have a reasonable perspective of what good leadership might look like. I’m not representing myself as a leadership expert. But I am an expert on what I experienced over those 40 plus years. Listen to this story and let me know what you think. As always, thanks for listening.

Episode 59, What Does Leadership Look Like, BobbieOnFire.com, October 31, 2020

7 thoughts on “#59 – What Does Leadership Look Like?

  1. Thank you Bonnie. Maybe you remember me. I’ve been with CC1 for almost 34 years. I remember with , for and around you.

    Remember B1 😜

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    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for listening especially since it takes more effort for you. I don’t have any written transcriptions. I tested a transcription service and it cost me anywhere between $20 to $30 a story depending on how long it was. Since I don’t have any advertising I really can’t afford to spend $25 per story considering I have 59 stories posted now. I’m currently working on a book but that will be a while. Wish I could be more accommodating. You’re the third person who’s asked for written transcriptions. One of these days. In the meantime try to hang in there with me. And thanks for writing.


  2. This was a good discussion and the comments from Riva and the others were equally important. I am a big fan of empowerment and since there are a hundred ways to put the fire out, and none of them are wrong, I ask, “What have you got, what do you need, what will we accomplish, and what do you need from me.” I feel like that immediately builds a team which I think is one of the biggest responsibilities of an IC/Leader if they want to get a job done safely.


      1. I am well but this will be my last of 46 fire seasons. I also met Riva on a flight from Seattle to Medford for my last assignment on the McCash Fire. I think leadership is very easy and not complicated if you form a team.


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