#43- Hilarious Hijinks at Fire Station Knucklehead

After the last week of social unrest and violence, I thought I would lighten the mood a little with a short story of life around the fire station. I am definitely not calling all firefighters knuckleheads but… well sometimes we can be a bit immature. It comes from working hard and often under stressful conditions. The public is always watching us and we have to exude a professional, confident demeanor. Of course we want everyone to trust us because we Really are competent and wanting to serve the public. But when we’re back in the station, we relax. And when we relax sometimes we might be less than mature in the way we kid and joke and decompress. This story is just one of those times. It still makes me laugh out loud to think about. Hope you enjoy this week’s light hearted story and distracts you from the current craziness we’re living through.

This website has had nearly 80,000 story downloads so far. So I’d like to ask you to leave a comment about how you found BobbieOnFire.com. I’d love to know where everyone is coming from. Thanks all and we’ll see you next week.

Episode 43, Hilarious Hijinks at Fire Station Knucklehead, BobbieOnFire.com

3 thoughts on “#43- Hilarious Hijinks at Fire Station Knucklehead

  1. Hi Bobbie. Loved your story. I listen after I get the story in my email. Thanks for sending to me !


  2. I was drafted (without knowing) over 50 years ago when I answered “I do” to that important question on a rainy Saturday evening just after Christmas 1965. My wildland firefighter husband was between his 4th and 5th fire seasons in SW Oregon working for ODF. He passed away suddenly last September at age 75 years, leaving behind a newly published book of his memories from 38 years on the job. His tales are something I cherish, and the book has been a wonderful legacy for our kids and grandkids (plus has picked up some interest by the local offices of fire and natural resource management agencies).
    I noticed your blog on the facebook page for Wildland Firefighters, as I am now quite addicted to fire-stories. Doesn’t much matter who they are about or even where; my sad feelings of loss are eased – I can almost see my guy participating in the events. I foolishly somehow seem to feel that eventually the fires will be beaten and he will come home. He’s always the well-muscled, tall and handsome guy I married, thick blond hair and sparkling blue eyes…). Your stories are almost as much of a relief as those Clay, himself, told. Thank you

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