#87, How Are Your Leadership Skills In A Crises?

Many of us are formal leaders. Some of us are informal leaders. Maybe we aspire to a higher leadership role. But all of us are leaders in some way or another. But even experienced formal leaders may not have been tested during a crises. It all depends on the kinds of jobs we have and maybe bad luck. Today’s story is a bit about when my leadership was tested but it’s really about how we see ourselves in that leadership role and how we prepare ourselves for the “big one.” My good friend and amazing fire leader Curtis Heaton joins me for this story. I hope you take home some important lessons today As always, thanks for listening and if you haven’t read my book yet, check out Both Sides Of The Fire Line. Thanks.

Episode 87, How Are Your Leadership Skills In A Crises? BobbieOnFire.com, December 1, 2022

5 thoughts on “#87, How Are Your Leadership Skills In A Crises?

  1. Just listened to your Dude Fire/Crisis Leadership podcast which included Curtis Heaton.
    Great topic and discussion points that focused on questions that many people wouldn’t consider prior to an event. As I listened to and Curtis speak I experienced injects of emotion that I beleive was caused by the situation of crisis leadership you experianced but also the pride I have with knowing you both. Pride may not be the right description but that’s all I could mustet as the sun is rising and my 1st cup of coffee. I reflected on and thought about the following;
    1. My past high risk/near miss events including those crisis leadership moments.
    2. What did Dan do or others do to prepare Dan to engage in those critical events.
    3. What i would or could do now to better prepare myself or others for those future events that are unknown of what nature it may be. The only known is the event will be critical and challenging to those involved with danger present.
    4. Generally speaking I believe vacuum leadership is far more prevalent in incident management than considered. Organizational leadership is an art and can establish a foundation for success. Won’t go any further down that road.
    Thanks for the opportunity from a former action guy.

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