#84, What I’m Learning on my Book Tour

It’s been a busy last few months preparing for my book release and then the last three weeks visting book stores for readings and signings. It’s exhausting talking to strangers about what has been a closely held “secret”. Ok, maybe not a secret, but I’m talking about some very personal information to people I’ve never met before. Or if I have met them, maybe they were employees who I never talked about my personal life with.

In this episode of BobbieOnFire, I’ll relate a story from the book as well as some perspectives based on what I’ve learned in the last few weeks talking about leadership, gender and just being a kind person. Hope you will all consider reading my book and sharing it with your friends. I don’t preach. I just hope everyone will be open to a proven fire leader sharing information about growing up trans in the fire service. Thanks for listening as always!

Episode 84, What I’m Learning On My Book Tour, BobbieOnFire.com, September 30, 2022

2 thoughts on “#84, What I’m Learning on my Book Tour

  1. Your book is officially traveled from California to Idaho in Bookcrossing.com. Looking foreword to seeing where it travels and what folks think about it.


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