#78, What Goes On Behind The Radio

As wildland firefighters, we often have no idea about what goes on behind the scenes in dispatch. If you’re not a wildland firefighter, you might not have any idea just how complex the work can be. Getting a helicopter or an extra crew on a small fire might seem like it should be a simple request. Depending on how much fire activity is going on around you, getting one extra crew or a helicopter may be a big thing. You may be competing against all the other fires in your Geographic area. Yes, your little type 5 fire is often competing for resources with all the other fires around you. Yes, if you just had one more crew you could hook this small 5 acre fire. Yes, this fire may get big and need an IMT if you don’t catch it. But the reality is there are dozens of other fires near you in the same boat. Not to mention the type 2 fires and type 1 fires in the geographic area.

So listen in as my guest with 35 years experience working in dispatch logistics explains how the system works and what goes on behind the scenes. And after you listen to the story, I hope you’ll have a greater appreciation for what’s going on behind the radio.

Episode 78, What Goes On Behind The Radio, BobbieOnFire.com, February 6, 2022

2 thoughts on “#78, What Goes On Behind The Radio

  1. Nice presentation for Dispatch. As a long time Dispatcher, I think tne ICS (Incident Command System) is an excellent management tool for all of us. A podcast on ICS and training in ICS may be helpful. Thanks Bobbie & Cheryl.


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