#66, Hi, I’m Bobbie and I’m a Knucklehead

If you’ve listened to many of my stories, you’ve probably heard me refer to my beloved co-workers as knuckleheads. Well, we’re all knuckeheads sometimes. In this weeks story I’ll prove to you a few times that I was certainly one. The easier and quicker we are to admit it, the better it is for us. And not only is it important to admit it, we can improve our status with our employees when we do.

I’ll describe some of the team building and camaraderie that can develop by being honest, admiting your mistakes and moving on. Some good natured teasing can ensue. Take it with a smile and know that you’re a part of the team when the guys are giving you a hard time. Hope you get a laugh and take home an easy leadership lesson too. And as always, thanks for listening.

Episode 66, Hi, I’m Bobbie And I’m A Knucklehead. BobbieOnFire.com, February 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “#66, Hi, I’m Bobbie and I’m a Knucklehead

  1. Wow, Bobbie I am thinking you were working for the BLM in 2000? I can’t believe that was twenty-two years ago. I miss your sense of humor.


    1. I did indeed work for BLM back then. Were you BLM in Bakersfield? I didn’t know I had a sense of humor back then. LOL I was just trying hard to do a good job. Thanks for saying hi.


      1. Bobbie, I never worked for the BLM and I never worked in Bakersfield. I knew you from a book club in Hollister. LOL. It seems you still have a pretty good sense of humor:)


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