#62 – Prepare To Not Freak Out

Sometimes life can get a bit anxious. Staying calm can help us maneuver through the rough water we encounter. Life can throw alot of enexpected challenges our way. Research has proven that when we begin to panic we actually reduce our field of vision. In other words we are unable to take in as much information as is available because our brain is shutting down to new inputs. The answer is to stay calm. But that isn’t always easy to do. Preparing is critical if we want to avoid panic during a critical episode. Having a contingency plan is one we can prepare. So is talking with our family about all the “what if’s.” Do you have an home fire escape plan? Have you spoken to your children about what to do if there is a house fire at night? What about a “go bag” if you live in an area prone to earthquakes, floods or fires? Think about it, talk about it with your family and make some plans. I hope this story helps you think more about how to stay calm when the next challenge comes your way.

Episode 62, Prepare To Not Freak Out, BobbieOnFire.com, December 17, 2020

6 thoughts on “#62 – Prepare To Not Freak Out

  1. IC Rex Reed beat into me. “Take a minute to make a plan, dont make a plan a minute”.
    Stand back take in the big picture.
    Good comments today.


      1. Thanks again for the tale. I do enjoy these stories, as I live alone now (with a crazy dog and aloof cat on 145 remote acres… seldom see folks, but visit on the phone with my kids. Continue wanting to share Clay’s fire books (2) with you – no cost involved. Just need a mailing address or PO box. Or you might review on Amazon. (Just search via author name “Clay Dickerson). Judy D.


  2. Thanks Bobbie, a good reminder to put my “go bag together”, since 2018 I think all of us N. Californians are on high alert. Luckily it has been so foggy on the coast this summer. This story reminds me when my mom was teaching Special Ed at the Community College. One of her students, during archery class, shot another one of her students with arrow in the neck. My mom who was there, said the teacher of the archery class freaked out. He had to take the day off. My mom said its all-in days’ work. LOL.


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