#48 – What Would I Do Without Men?

I would never want listeners to think I’m man bashing. I loved working with the guys during my long fire career. But some men have been a bit more fun to work with than others. Today I’m going to tell you two stories. In the first story, the guy was clearly just mansplaining. And in the end, I hope he learned something about how to communicate with people. I learned something too. I learned that when the time is right, you have to stand up for yourself, even if it’s in a subtle non confrontational manner.

I think the guy in the second story was just testing me. He was also clearly messing with me. A form of hazing or pranking maybe. He was having some fun at my expense. It’s something I was quite used to and knew how to deal with. How we deal with these episodes in life can determine how we’re perceived, how well we’re accepted or not and how successful we are. This particular knucklehead and I became great friends. We went on to work well together and we continued to prank each other. I was just as guilty as he was. The score was tied by the time we both retired.

I hope you’re continuing to find my stories entertaining. But more importantly, I hope you find them useful, especially if you’re working in the fire service. Thanks for listening everyone and don’t forget to share this site with your friends.

Episode 48, What Would I Do Without Men? BobbieOnFire.com, July 17 2020

3 thoughts on “#48 – What Would I Do Without Men?

  1. Bobbie;

    Hello…I just listened to a couple more of your stories tonight. Good ones!
    I hope you are doing well in these awkward times.

    Yesterday, I took some new neighbors up to the 30-mile Memorial yesterday – they’d read the MacLean book and wanted some more context. I hadn’t there in 2 or 3 years. It surprised me how emotional I became. I decided to come back and listen to some more fire stories. Thank you!

    I’ve been reflecting, also, writing some stories (FS and other wise) down on paper, and have recorded a few as well. I hope our stories are valuable – I think they are. And not just dismissed as ‘Ok Boomer’.

    Best wishes – Stay safe and healthy. Jim Archambeault, Twisp.


    1. Hi Jim,

      I think the last time I saw you was maybe around 2008 or 9? You look like you had lost 20 years in your retirement. Amazing how good retirement is huh?
      Yeah the stories are an interesting thing Jim. I started out just wanting to tell some funny stories from 40 some years of firefighting. But as I told them and thought about the stories I realized there were lessons in there. Sometimes important ones. funny how I told those stories over the years and never thought about those key leadership issues that were there but I never really thought about it.
      I’m hoping that some of the younger firefighters who might be listening are taking something of value from the story. Some of them might be saying… Sit down Boomer. But others hopefully will get something of value. Some of the stories are just funny I think. At least I laugh when I tell them. But even some of those have quite a lesson as well.

      I hope you’re going to get those stories down as well. I think it’s important to preserve some of the things that we’ve seen and learned and experienced. My storytelling is leading me closer to turning it into a book. That would require more than me just sitting down with friends and blathering on.
      Thanks for sending a note Jim. I appreciate it. Hope all is well and you’re enjoying yourself up there. If you ever are coming over towards Anacortes or La Conner, let me know. Take care of my friend.


      1. Good to hear from you, Bobbie. Didn’t know you’d ended up straight west of me. I think Elton T is over there, too (Lopez, maybe?).

        I’ve written 8 or 10 stories…and have a list of about 50 ideas. Some humorous, some not. A couple appeared in an on-line journal that the local internet provider runs. And I read a few at the local library story telling sessions, then recorded a couple for the local senior organization. I have one about playing Smokey Bear that people really like! Let me know if you want to see that one.

        Good to hear from you. Take care. Best- Jim



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