#18 – Post Traumatic Stress

Last night I was having a drink and dinner with some friends of mine. We’re all 64+ year old women either retired, or getting close to retirement. Neither of my friends who I was enjoying the evening with are firefighters but they do enjoy the stories that you all listen to here. I don’t know how we got on the subject of the lasting impacts of being a firefighter but I probably mentioned something about how some of my co-workers and I share some internal “wounds” from things that we’ve experienced on the job. One of my friends was surprised to hear that firefighters might suffer from post traumatic stress (or PTSD). She thought it was something only soldiers have to deal with. I assured her that it wasn’t that uncommon amongst the ranks of firefighters and police. I described a story of how I became aware of how some of these emotional impacts surface in our lives. As we spoke she realized that she too had some lingering stress from the untimely passing of her daughter. Of course she does. We probably all do since none of us live in a bubble. This is a short story describing how my eyes were opened to my own scabbed over wounds. Please listen, like and share. It helps get the word out on this website. Thanks all and take care of yourselves, love ones and friends.

Episode 18, BobbieOnFire.com – PTSD

7 thoughts on “#18 – Post Traumatic Stress

  1. Thanks for talking about the difference between PTSD and PTS. So many years of stigma to break when it comes to asking for help. No more suck it up buttercup!


    1. Thanks Debbie. I was amazed how I could have been so ignorant about all of this while I was dealing with all these issues myself. I appreciate the comment and appreciate you listening to the stories. Hope you’re well oh High Queen.😊


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