#15 – Firefighter Antics

This short story is about one of my favorite “knucklehead” firefighter buddies and how he pranked me while working a shift on my fire engine. It illustrates how we managed the stress of the job through silly jokes and pranks. I have so many good memories of these kind of firehouse antics and I think they can help paint the picture of what might go on behind the scenes with your local firefighters. Hope you enjoy the story and if you do, please share the site with your friends.

Driving on a Date, BobbieOnFire.com – Episode 15

3 thoughts on “#15 – Firefighter Antics

  1. Good story Bobbie. Those friendships developed under sometimes difficult circumstances last forever!! Even today 12 years after retirement some of my best friends are firefighters. And I think everyone of us could have been called a knucklehead at some time.


  2. thanks for the comment. I’ve been the knucklehead many times myself. I laugh at all the times I was that idiot doing something stupid. Thats why over the years when some of my folks at work were the knucklehead, I tended to be understanding. Have a great day!


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