#1 The CIA at the World Trade Center

Here is the audio story of one small incident that occurred during my nearly 30 days in NYC following the attacks on Sept 11, 2001.

Episode 1 – CIA at the WTC, Sept 11 2001 – BobbieOnFire.com

9 thoughts on “#1 The CIA at the World Trade Center

  1. Bobbie I love the stories. It is so easy to listen and and relate to the events. I am just glad I never provided you any fodder for future stories!


    1. Thanks Dave. I hope those who don’t have a background in fire can enjoy the stories as well. There have been almost 1,300 views so far and I know that many of those are coming from non fire people. I look forward to seeing you soon my friend. I should be up in the Anacortes area around mid-june. Hugs to you and hang in there.


  2. Great story. It kind of reminds me of the times that I would go to raves when I was going to college and there would be a few of my friends visiting from out of town. I would tell them (lying of course) that a Paul Oakenfold was somewhere spinning records, just to see if they would believe me. They would and of course they’d ask why he was there or where exactly he was and get all excited. They would spend the night searching for him, asking around and of course never find him. Eventually they’d figure out I was full of shit but until that realization I’d just keep selling it. “You just must have just missed him man! He was over there not 15 minutes ago! I swear to God!” 😆


  3. Bobbie –
    Thanks for writing Both Sides of the Fire Line. A genuine perspective about a topic that is often difficult to understand. There’s no scolding in this book. There is gratitude for those who understand and compassion for those who don’t. This isn’t a book about what you should or should not think. It’s a book about taking the time to understand a human being and how life took her down a different path. Big bonus; you’ll learn about wildland fires and both sides of the fire line. Easy read especially if you are uncomfortable with the topic.
    I came away from this book with a information and understanding I couldn’t get from the media.
    Liz Drummond


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