#41- The Perfect Job for People Who Love Chaos (or who have ADD)

Bringing Calm to Chaos

Have you ever wondered why firefighters love their jobs so much? Why do people voluntarily take jobs that put their personal safety at risk? Everyone wants a job that suits them. We want a career that we find enjoyable, gives us job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from our labors. With that in mind, I would have been ill suited to be an accountant or a grammar school teacher for example. We don’t always find our perfect career fit but here’s some perspective about firefighters and how our personalities mesh with our work environment. Remember these are generalities but represent what I’ve seen and experienced. I hope you enjoy the insight into the mind of many firefighters and why we enjoy our jobs so much.

Episode 41, The Perfect Job for People Who Love Chaos – BobbieOnFire.com

6 thoughts on “#41- The Perfect Job for People Who Love Chaos (or who have ADD)

  1. I have absolutely enjoyed listening to your podcast. You story telling, honestly and genuineness is wonderful. I am new to the fire service, and I have be loving hearing about your journey of life with the service. Thank you and keep it coming. To good adventures!


    1. Thanks Patty. Glad you enjoy listening. I think young folks listening to the older folks who have walked the path hopefully can benefit a little bit and get a chuckle at the same time. I try to post a new story every week. Hopefully I’ll keep you thinking. And good luck on your new adventures. It’s a fun way to go.


    2. Thanks for your note Patty. I thought I had a responded earlier but it looks like I never did. Appreciate all the support and hope my stories add a little something to your career.


  2. Great as always, Bobbie. I have often wondered if those of us who grew up in chaos (the good and the bad kind) are more drawn to this profession because it allows us the chance to bring the order we never could as children. Ooooh, deep. :). One of the best compliments I ever got was from a colleague who said “The crazier things get, the calmer you get.” Cheers.


  3. I was involved wildland fire for 40 years and it would perplex the dispatchers reviewing fire reports when I would just write “and then we proceeded to create order out of chaos”. That was never enough!


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